Shipping 직원을 구합니다

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  • LA
  • dodo
  • 2/29/2020
LA downtown Wholesale Company 에서 쉬핑 직원을 모집합니다.
We are looking for a motivated and well-organized shipping employee to join our team.

* Shipping clerk
  - Customer order shipping & packing
  - Check orders and status of the orders
  - 기본 Computer 사용가능하신 분. Excel use MUST!
  - 회사 직원들과 원활한 의사소통이 필수. Good team work MUST!
  - 유 경험자
  - 열정을 갖고 오래 일하실 분
  - Full-time 9am to 6pm

If interested, please send your resume and we will contact you. (
Thank you.
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